'Pteranodon' - Hong Kong / Kuwait - 2006

Experimental Music Video Montage. A partner piece to 'Quarterlight 21'.


'Lest The Swan Should Fall' - Tokyo / Kuwait - 2006

Music Video for Dave Donohoe, D1 Recordings.


'Lest The Swan Should Fall' - Clip 2.


Visuals for 'Bayion', supporting UR in The Village.

D.E.A.F. 4, 2005


Visuals for 'Fatima Yamaha', at Crawdaddy,

D.E.A.F. 3, 2004.


'Quarterlight' - Japan / Siberia / USA - 2004
A short film comprising a collection of tracks by 'Chequerboard'.


'Dancing Moon' - Tokyo / New York - 2004

Short film comprising a collection of tracks by 'Five Green Circle'.


'Dancing Moon' - Clip 2.


Projections for 'Diversions'

Meeting House Square, 2004.


'Memory And Enchantment'.

A short bio-pic of Charlie Chaplin, 1998.



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