Since 1995 Metal Dragon has been providing a variety of creative services for independent film and music productions - ranging from music videos for independent electronic musicians, to slide and video installations for clubs, live events and festivals.

M.D.'s visual and thematic material draws from a wide range of sources, having worked in the graphic arts in China, Korea, Japan, Australia, Siberia, North America, Canada, The Middle East, The Caribbean and most of Europe. M.D. films and videos generally allow the rich cultural mix and diversity of these backgrounds to speak for themselves, with little stylization except for simple colour enhancement and looping for more minimal electronic work.

Between 2000 and 2003, based on the variety of footage gathered ( much of it from the Far East ), Metal Dragon developed a futuristic thriller based on the traditional Chinese stories of the Monkey King – The ‘White Monkey’ Trilogy. Since developing these scripts M.D. has returned to more experimental but narrative based short digital films and has screened these works, in addition to music videos, in festivals like Darklight, Digital Film Festival, in Ireland, and Irish programmes in venues like Anthology Film Archives in New York, and institutes like the Contemporary Arts Centre in St.Petersburg.

In addition to film and video work, M.D.'s personal work since 2003 culminates in 'The Seventh Earth' project, which is a more conceptual ongoing website based project:

Metal Dragon Music is a new branch of M.D. activity which will begin by releasing previously unreleased original film soundtrack work produced by Metal Dragon throughout the 90’s. The label will then act as a platform for future releases of compilation soundtracks for experimental M.D. films