'Ouroboros: Ocean Dreams' is a set of short improvised ghost stories made on mini-DV with a variety of artists in a variety of locations around the world, over the past year - from Bermuda to Philadelphia to Yokohama to Trinidad and New York, with composers, mural painters, stand up comics, animators and conceptual artists. 'Ouroboros' is the feature film comprising these short films when viewed end to end. The first short introduces the composer, whose story ultimately carries and connects the other stories. It is a film with a fragmented protagonist which spans many characters and whose story spans many locations.

The soundtrack includes contributions from the Ear Collective, Jezebel Maraschalchi, Five Green Circle, Dave Donohoe, Stephen Rennicks/Secret Society, Fergus Kelly, Dennis McNulty, Anthony Kelly and David Stalling, Chequerboard, Coretta Singer, Eamonn Doyle, Donnacha Costello and Metal Dragon.

Directed by Alan Lambert