Metal Dragon is the film production platform of Irish artist Alan Lambert, through which he has produced award winning, science fiction art films. It formed in 2000, the year of the metal dragon.

Lambert has worked in multi-media since the late 90's, making music videos and visual mixes for live events in Ireland, working in commercial graphic arts in Asia and America, and curating and presenting Irish experimental films in Africa, the Middle East and Russia. These activities enabled him to collect footage from around the world, which culminated in his first feature film Ouroboros: Ocean Dreams (2009). The film premiered in the 54th Cork Film Festival and was described by Maximilian LeCain, in Experimental Conversations, as a 'powerfully enriching experience and an important film'

In 2015 his environmental science fiction film ‘Pushtar’, filmed in Ireland and Australia but set in India in a post climate-change future, won the Spirit of IndieCork Award and was described by Jonathan Victory, in Filmireland, as ‘an outstanding contribution to Irish cinema.’